4 Tips For Staying Safe On A Late-Summer Road Trip

If you are trying to get a road trip in before the end of September, you are going to want to make sure that you take the steps necessary to stay safe on the road. Taking precautions to prepare your vehicle and drive safely will reduce your risk of getting in an accident and needing a tow truck, or experiencing a mechanical emergency that will warrant a tow truck being called out to assist you.

Check the Wear on Your Tires

In order to avoid a blowout, check the wear on your tires before you get on the road. Make sure that the tread on your tires is not worn down and thin. Also, check for other signs of tire wear, such as cracks on the sidewall. If you are not sure about the overall condition of your tires, take your vehicle to a tire shop. They can quickly look at your tires and let you know if they have enough miles on them for your road trip or if you would be safer putting new tires on your vehicle before you get on the road. You want to have good traction on your road trip, and you don't want to have to deal with a blowout on the side of an unfamiliar highway.

Check the Pressure on Your Tires

Poor pressure in your tires can have a negative impact on the quality of your drive. Too much air in your tires can also lead to a blowout. Posted inside of the driver's door as well as in the manual should be instructions on how much pressure your tires need. This should be checked before your road trip as the amount of pressure inside of your tires can change with the outside temperature.

Get All of Your Fluid Checked

Next, you are going to want to get all of your fluid checked. You don't want to start out on a road trip without enough coolant or oil in your vehicle. That could lead to your vehicle overheating and damage to your engine, which is not the type of repair you want to deal with on a road trip.

Also, make sure that you have enough washer fluid as well. The bugs can be abundant when you are putting excessive miles on your vehicles. You want to make sure that you can keep your windshield clean so you can see and drive safely.

Make an Extra Set of Keys

If you only have one set of keys for your vehicle, invest in a second set of keys. Electronic keys generally cost under a hundred dollars to make a copy of. Make sure that you and another passenger have a copy of the keys. If you can, make sure that each passenger has a key; that way, your chances of getting locked out of your vehicle and having to wait for a car lockout service are greatly reduced.

Get Roadside Assistance Package

Before you hit the road, make sure that you belong to some kind of roadside assistance program. You can enroll in independent roadside assistance packages, or you can join the one that your car insurance company offers. That way, if something does happen to your vehicle while you are on the road, you will be able to call and get help and assistance right away.