Times To Call A Tow Truck For Help

If you own a car, there's a good chance it will need towed at some point. Your car might need to be towed after an accident or when it's having engine trouble. If there's any question whether your car is safe to drive, it's best to have it towed to the shop. Here are times auto towing is best and how you prepare for the tow truck.

Times To Call A Tow Truck

If your car won't start and the battery is okay and it has gas, then calling a tow truck is the quickest way to get repairs. If your car dies on the highway and you can't get it started again, call a tow truck right away so you're not stuck on the side of the road in heavy traffic or left all alone after dark. Sometimes, you'll be able to drive your car even though it isn't working right. Ask yourself if it's worth the risk of doing damage to your vehicle by driving it. Also, think about your safety if the brakes won't work or if the car stalls in the middle of an intersection.

Signs your car is in trouble include smoke coming from under the hood, a burning odor, warning lights that indicate the car is overheating, brakes that won't work, a steering wheel you can barely turn, loud noises, fluid leaking from under the car, and when your car is hard to handle on the road. If you experience serious problems like these, pull your car far from the side of the road and call for a tow truck to take your car to the shop.

Get Ready For The Tow

You won't have to do anything to make the car ready to tow. A tow truck can take your car even if you aren't there. However, if you're in the car, gather your valuables and keep them with you. You may need to clear out the glove box and side pockets if you have money or anything you'll need in the next few days. While you're waiting on the tow truck, keep your doors locked and don't accept help from strangers that stop. They can't do anything if your car is in need of repairs and you have help coming from a tow truck soon anyway.

Call your mechanic ahead of time to make arrangements to drop off your car so the tow truck has somewhere to take it. Since you never know for sure when an accident or breakdown will happen, always have your mechanic and an auto service number on your phone so you can get quick help any time of day.