What To Do If You Have A Flat Tire But No Spare

Getting a flat tire on the road can make for a bad day, and that day can get even worse if you don't have a spare tire in your trunk. Use this guide to stay safe and get the help you need during your car emergency.

Pull Over In A Safe Location

Unless your tire has completely blown out, you can typically drive a short distance safely. Reduce your rate of speed and put on your hazard lights to signify your vehicle is disabled. As soon as you find a safe location, pull over and park your vehicle. A safe location should be one that keeps your vehicle out of traffic and is well-lit. Remember that your towing service will need to be able to find you, so don't stray too far off of the main roads.

Look For A Spare Tire

While this may sound a bit strange, take a moment to look for a spare tire. It is possible that you have one and didn't realize it. Newer cars sometimes have spares hidden in a compartment under the trunk or cargo section. These compartments may also have a tire iron and other essential roadside emergency tools, which means you can either replace the flat tire yourself or simply ask the towing company to replace it for you.

Try Patching The Tire

If you are close to home or to your nearest body shop, you may want to try to patch the tire. If you have a tire sealant spray, you can use it to control a slow leak in your tire. However, if the tire has been punctured, or if it has already lost a significant amount of pressure, you won't likely be able to repair. In any case where you are unsure about whether it is safe to drive on the tire, make the cautious choice and wait for a tow truck driver to help you.

Get To Safety If Necessary

If you are stranded in an unfamiliar area, or if a tow truck won't be able to pick you up for quite some time, remember that you don't have to stay with your car. This is particularly important if you feel unsafe or if you have a flat tire late at night. You can use a taxi or ride-sharing service to get home or to a safer location indoors. You can even use this option to go pick up an extra tire, which means you can simply have the tow truck service change your tire for you instead of towing your vehicle away.

Be sure to keep the number of a local roadside towing service stored in your phone so you always have help when you need it, no matter what type of roadside emergency you may experience. For more information, contact a business such as Valley  Express Auto Repair.