Tips For Having Your Car Towed When It Breaks Down On The Road

Many people rely on their automobiles on a daily basis, so when a car won't start or breaks down, it can be very frustrating. Best case scenario, you need to have your car towed from your driveway or a parking lot. But, you also need to be prepared and know what to do if your car breaks down while you're on the road. Take the following steps to have your car towed if it breaks down on a surface street or freeway:

Stay Safe

If your car breaks down on the road, it is essential to stay safe until a tow truck can arrive. First, turn on your hazard lights. If it is possible, place your car in neutral and push it to the side of the road or onto the shoulder of the freeway. In the event that you can't place your vehicle into neutral so you can move it, place cones or flares around your car to let other drivers know that there is a problem.

Gather Important Documents

Prior to making a call to have your car towed, make sure that you have some essential documents, such as your vehicle registration, insurance card, drivers license, and roadside assistance card (if applicable). You will want to keep all of these things with you when your vehicle is towed and is not in your possession.

Call for Assistance

If you happen to be a member of a roadside assistance program, call the number listed on your card to have a tow truck dispatched. In the event that you don't have roadside assistance through a program, you might be covered by another option. Call the auto manufacturer or dealership if your vehicle is still under warranty-- towing may be included at no charge. You may also want to call your auto insurance company to see if you have towing included as part of your auto insurance policy. In some cases, your credit card company may offer complimentary road side assistance, depending on the situation.

When none of those options apply to you, contact a reputable local towing company to have your vehicle towed. Make sure you find out how much you will be charged for the tow in advance.

Towing Your Vehicle

When the tow truck arrives, you will need to sign several documents before the tow truck driver gives further directions. Typically, the tow truck driver will attach a tow rope to your vehicle and will ask you to put your car in neutral so it can be pulled onto the truck. You will then need to give the tow truck driver the name and address of the auto shop where you want your car towed to. Make sure you call the auto shop to let them know that you broken down vehicle is on its way.