Stay Safe While You Are Waiting For A Tow

When you have a broken car, you need to get it to the service center so that it can get worked on. If your car has broken down at home or at the office, then you probably don't need to worry about where you are going to safely wait for your tow truck to come. However, if something happens while you are out and driving, trying to be safe while waiting for a truck is something completely different. There are things that you can do that will keep you safe while you are waiting and make it easier for the tow truck to find you. 


The GPS function or map function on your phone or your sat nav on your car can do more than tell you how to get where you are going. As long as you can connect to a satellite or on your phone, you can tell the tow truck company exactly where you are. This is extremely helpful if you are in an area of town you don't recognize or you are in a strange town. It's also very helpful if you are out on the highway since there aren't always cross streets or exits right next to you. Being able to pinpoint your location will make it easier for the tow truck to find you, which means they get to you faster and keeps you safer. 

Get off the Road

Another thing you can do to make yourself as safe as possible is to make sure that you are as far off the road as possible. If you are on a surface street with no shoulders, you may want to get into a parking lot or turn off. If you can get to a turn-off or onto a less busy street, then you can be out of the way of traffic, which keeps everyone safe. If you are on the highway or a road with a shoulder, pull over as far onto the shoulder as possible. On the highway, start pulling over to the right and then the slower you are going the further you can go over to the side. If you go over as far as possible at high speed, you risk messing with your steering and possibly causing worse problems. 

If your car breaks down, you have to wait for a tow truck to come get you. Make sure you are doing it safely. To learn more, contact a towing service company like John's Wrecker Service