3 Semi-Truck Services You May Need In The Field

Professional semi-truck drivers depend on their rigs and trailers being in prime working condition. They have loads to haul and they need to be delivered on time. Their reputation and their paychecks are dependent on making their miles. That's why when a breakdown happens, it's imperative they get the repairs they need as quickly as possible so they can get back on the road again. Thankfully, truck mobile mechanics can help make this happen. Here are three services that can often be done roadside.

Emergency Fuel Delivery

Professional semi-truck drivers don't often run out of diesel, but it can happen. Gauges can suddenly quit working, fuel lines can malfunction, and idling can use more fuel than anticipated. Additionally, the diesel exhaust fluid tank can run dry. Mobile truck mechanics can deliver what you need to get you going once more.

Tire Replacement

Blowing a tire while driving 80 mph down the interstate is never a good thing. It's especially bad when you are fully loaded, as you can run the risk of blowing another tire. As tempting as it may be for a semi-truck driver to try to limp to the truck stop at the next off-ramp, this isn't the safe or legal thing to do. The debris from a tire flapping in the wind can cause a hazard to other drivers, your rig is harder to control, and the best thing to do is pull over and call for mobile truck service assistance. They can also make sure your other tires are properly inflated for the current weather conditions.

Tractor-Trailer Brakes

Naturally, the ability to stop on a dime is important for any motor vehicle, but when a trailer is loaded down with tens of thousands of pounds of cargo, it's even more important. Because working brakes are so critical to safety, most modern rigs are equipped with a dual braking system to ensure there is always a backup.

However, if one system fails, the other system needs to be repaired immediately, especially if you are on steep terrain. For example, if your air brakes are lagging and you're relying on your drum brakes in a mountainous region, you need to get this situation addressed sooner rather than later, especially if you have bad weather ahead.

Depending on your location and the services you need, having a mobile truck mechanic come to you in the field or roadside may be the best option, especially if you are under a tight deadline. Visit websites like brookfieldtow.com to learn more.