How Do You Know You Have A Towing Emergency?

With crazy work schedules and hectic lives, it seems that the bulk of society is always on the highway in a hurry to get to wherever it is that they need to go. In fact, you may spend a good portion of your day in your vehicle and making your way between points to handle your daily responsibilities.

Unfortunately, there are some days when disaster strikes, and you are left on the side of a busy highway in an all-out emergency. You have professional towing services you can call on when these disasters strike, but how do you know you are in an emergency situation? Here are a few pointers to help you decide. 

Do you feel like you are in danger?

At any time you feel like you are in danger, it is definitely an emergency situation. For example, if you break down in an area where there is a lot of car theft and robbery, you will naturally feel like you could be in danger. You may also feel in danger due to your physical condition, such as if it is extremely hot outside and you have a breathing problem like asthma or lung disease. Likewise, it could be considered an emergency if there is someone with you at risk.

Are you in a high-traffic area?

Being stranded on the side of a main highway in heavy traffic is much more dangerous than being stranded on a basic two-lane or backroad. You are always in a more dangerous situation if there is a lot of traffic zipping around you, so make sure you let the towing service provider know how heavy the traffic is when you place a call for assistance. 

Were you in the middle of an important trip?

Were you on the way somewhere really important? For example, maybe you were on your way to check on an elderly relative, headed to the hospital to visit an ailing family member, or on your way to pick up your child from school and can't reach them by phone. In these situations, your need for assistance can be a bit more pressing. 

Is it after dark?

Even though it is not necessarily a given, a breakdown after dark in your vehicle automatically heightens the emergency level of the situation. cars are harder to see after dark, and crime is more prevalent after dark in some areas. If the sun has gone down and you're stranded, that in itself may constitute an emergency. 

Contact a local emergency towing service if you are in need of a tow.