3 Tips to Prepare Your Car for Long-Distance Tow

Long-distance moving can be a challenge, especially if you have to move your stuff to another state. As you hire a moving truck for your belongings, also enlist a reputable towing service that can transport your car safely to the new location. 

For a problem-free long-distance tow, here are several things you can do to prepare your car. 

Disable the Car Alarm 

A car alarm is a vital device that ensures your car's safety by deterring potential thieves. However, you should turn off the alarm before you hand over your vehicle to your towing service. The roads can be bumpy and cause the alarm to go off during the journey. 

If the alarm goes off constantly, the driver can panic. Such uncomfortable driving compromises the safety of your car during transit. Furthermore, a car alarm can be a nuisance to other motorists.

Since the driver needs to stop on the road and turn the alarm off, the tow truck driver may not deliver your can at the scheduled time. To avoid these delay issues, disable your car alarm so the tow truck professionals can do their job uninterrupted. 

Service Your Car

Before you send off your car for a long-distance tow, ensure that you change your vehicle's oil. This step prevents engine damage by contaminants contained in used oil. Furthermore, clean oil prevents moisture build-up in the fuel tank and keeps the inner seals of the tank intact. 

Also, repair any fluid leaks (engine oil, coolant, or gas) before the long journey commences. For instance, engine oil leaks make the road slippery or trigger a fire hazard. 

Don't forget to inflate your car's tires before the long towing journey begins. With inflated tires, the towing experts will load and offload your vehicle with utmost ease. Proper tire pressure is particularly vital if you opt for a dolly tow.

Wash Your Car

You should clean your car before towing begins to eliminate dirt build-up. Moreover, a thorough wash preserves the paint's luster, and the car's metal body shell will not rust prematurely. 

Additionally, a nice wash allows you to spot any dents and dings before the long trip kicks off. After you receive your car, also clean the car and check whether the vehicle sustained damage during the tow. 

With proper planning, a long-distance tow doesn't have to be stressful. Ensure that you hire reliable towing services that will tow your vehicle safely to your new location without much incident. 

For more information, contact a long-distance towing company in your area.