3 Safety Tips While Waiting For Emergency Towing Services

You may get scared when stuck on the road, especially when unprepared for a roadside emergency. Although towing services take your car to the nearest service center, they may take some time to arrive. In the meantime, you may be tempted to make some repairs that could lead to injuries or more damage if done incorrectly.

For these reasons, know the safety precautions you should take while waiting for emergency towing services to arrive. Below are a few safety tips you should implement.

1. Get Off the Road

Get off the road following a breakdown. Staying on the road may make other vehicles crash into your car, which will cause more damage. Also, your car is more likely to cause traffic to other motorists if you get a breakdown on a busy road. Therefore, push your car off the road as soon as possible and park it on the side of the road. If pushing is impossible, ensure you put a hazard warning a safe from your car. You can also use twigs, in addition to the triangle accident sign, to make sure other drivers notice your stalled vehicle early enough.

2. Ensure That You're Visible

While moving a car out of the road may reduce the chances of accidents, it does not always guarantee that other drivers know the situation you are in. For this reason, it is important to turn the hazard lights on to indicate you're experiencing a breakdown problem. Also, making yourself visible will ensure that your emergency towing services provider will find you as soon as they arrive. In addition, other road users can easily notice you and offer roadside assistance if you need it.

3. Stay In Your Car

You can stay in your car after a breakdown until the emergency towing services provider arrives, especially if you face harsh weather. Staying outside your car may inconvenience other motorists, and in worst cases, a reckless driver may hit you, leading to injury or death. If you decide to stay in your car, take precautionary safety measures to avoid issues such as temperature build-up when it's hot, and your car's AC isn't working. However, don't stay in your car if it leaks fuel or smolders. 

An emergency breakdown can leave you confused about what you should do, especially if it's your first time or if you are in a deserted place. However, the above safety tips can help you remain safe while waiting for your towing service provider to arrive.

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