Tips For Having Your Car Towed When It Breaks Down On The Road

Many people rely on their automobiles on a daily basis, so when a car won't start or breaks down, it can be very frustrating. Best case scenario, you need to have your car towed from your driveway or a parking lot. But, you also need to be prepared and know what to do if your car breaks down while you're on the road. Take the following steps to have your car towed if it breaks down on a surface street or freeway: Read More 

What To Do If You Have A Flat Tire But No Spare

Getting a flat tire on the road can make for a bad day, and that day can get even worse if you don't have a spare tire in your trunk. Use this guide to stay safe and get the help you need during your car emergency. Pull Over In A Safe Location Unless your tire has completely blown out, you can typically drive a short distance safely. Reduce your rate of speed and put on your hazard lights to signify your vehicle is disabled. Read More 

How To Be Prepared For An Emergency Towing

Experiencing vehicle problems can leave you stranded and stressed. When you experience this type of problem, you will likely need to have an emergency towing service come so the vehicle can be professionally repaired. Unfortunately, drivers will frequently find that they are ill-prepared to handle these situations when they arise, but there are guidelines that can help you be ready for this eventuality. Regularly Scan The Road For Places You Could Safely Pull Over Read More 

Learn How To Have Your Car Towed Off Of An Impound Lot

When your car is towed for improper parking in a big city, it is often taken to the impound lot until you come to claim it. When you arrive at the impound lot, you will need to provide the attendant with your driver's license, proof of insurance, title to the vehicle, and your registration. If you find out that your license is suspended or revoked, you will not be able to drive it off of the lot. Read More 

Three Numbers You Need If Your Work Truck Breaks Down

Owning a heavy-duty truck is a must for many general construction contractors. If you are like many, your truck is probably a little bit larger and a little bit customized to fit your business needs. This can make it a real hassle if you break down, though, since you may not be able to depend upon services aimed at the average passenger vehicle to get you back on the road. The following tips can help you prepare in advance so you know what to do if your truck does have issues: Read More